Japanese month

Japanese month

We've been very interested in some of the many art forms from Japan.

So this month we thought we would share with you some simple, useful techniques to help you learn new skills, have fun and save waste.

Furoshiki takes squares of fabric and allows you to make gift wrapping or carrying cloths.  Careful choice of your cloths allows this to be part of the gift as it can be reused as tablecloths, scarves, pocket squares or just used again as gift wrap.  

Kusudama flowers are made with simple origami folds and allows you to make lovely adornments for your gifts.

Sumi-e painting is a simple art from using black ink, soft brushes and rice paper.  Drawing on images from nature you are encourage to embrace your mistakes as part of your artistic process.

Kanzashi pieces were originally made to put into your hair.  Focusing on flowers we have been making brooches and earrings from scrap fabric and buttons.

A lot of the Japanese craft we have been looking at is simple, practical and adaptable as well as encouraging a more thoughtful approach.  Gifts wrapped with love and care, painting embracing nature and time and beautiful things made from scraps.  As always we love the beauty of making things and the idea that we can do that without being wasteful.

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